Issue #49

Follow Me!

Fruit-bearing that lasts in labouring for the Lord comes from those who follow Christ everyday, everytime. It is not about doing our thing. It is about doing His thing. And in His time.

Jesus had this sense of timing in his earthly ministry. When the “hour” of his arrest, his death and his return to the Father is impending (Jn. 13.1), Jesus used the ‘remaining time’ for table-fellowship with his disciples in order to express his love in the symbolic action of the foot-washing and the farewell discourse.

What time (or ‘hour’) is it in the world today, in the nation, in your personal, church and family life? As followers of Christ, let us follow the Master in his manner of prioritising the ‘remaining time’. Let us listen to Him in order to do His thing in His time.

More prayers for the nations, more sowing, more fellowship, more serving and empowering the Church of Christ in strategic ways?

Let us seal the opportune moment (‘the remaining time’) for His glory by doing what God puts in our hearts. ”Follow Me!” says Jesus to Peter and to us (Jn. 21. 19). We do well to do just that if we are interested in bearing fruit that lasts and not just sheer activities.


 Heralding Christ at Christmas

Evangelist Ooi Chin Aik preached at Faith City Church, Subang Jaya on Christmas morning 2015


The Advent season has a reason – Christ. He came, He died, and He rose again that we who believe need not die but have eternal life (Jn. 3. 16).

The MAP team was once again actively engaged in heralding Christ crucified and risen – the good news everybody ought to know.

We give thanks for the privilege of preaching the good news at Christmas in partnership with churches across the country – in English (and bilingual), Chinese, and Bahasa Malaysia – in churches, hotels and in the villages. Praise God for salvation decisions and pray for the follow-up work. To God be the glory!

Praise God for the good response for prayers and salvation decisions at Faith City Church, Subang Jaya, on Christmas morning, 2015.


Evangelist Colin Wong preached at Temerloh Gospel Chapel, Pahang on 19 December, 2015 and SS Gospel Centre on Christmas morning.


Colin preached to the villagers in Bahasa Malaysia in Grik, Perak on 16 December, 2015

Evangelist Albert Tang preached in Chinese (bilingual service) at EFC Jelutong, Shah Alam on 25 December, 2015

Evangelist Ooi Chin Aik preached at the bilingual Christmas service of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Pengkalan, Ipoh with his wife, Lydia Ooi, interpreting into Chinese on 24 December, 2015

Evangelist Ooi Chin Aik preached at the bilingual Christmas evening of Chinese Methodist (Hokkien) Church Kuala Lumpur, with Lydia Ooi interpreting.


REAP On the Go

2016 marks the 10th year of MAP in Rural Evangelists Adoption Programme (REAP). Having begun with the 1st 16 evangelists in rural China, REAP has expanded to over 440 evangelists in 11 countries of Asia. Over 2.8 million gospel tracts are being distributed, over 80,000 came to Christ, and 22,500 bibles given to new converts. Praise be to God and thank you for prayers and partnership in the gospel.

God-willing, REAP Mongolia will be launched in August 2016 as our 12th REAP country. 12 OA evangelists were equipped and resourced with evangelistic and follow-up materials in Peninsular Malaysia in January 2016. More OA evangelists are expected to be trained and supported in due course.

In February 18-20, and 22-24, 2016, the MAP team comprising Ooi Chin Aik, Colin Wong, and Albert Tang trained and sent a fresh batch of 12 REAP Sarawak evangelists and 12 REAP Indonesia evangelists in Pontianak respectively. Below are pictorial events of the REAP missions in Sarawak and Indonesia.

REAP Sarawak evangelists equipped and sent to sow and harvest at the SIB Taman Sri Muhibbah Church in Kuching, Sarawak on 18-20, February, 2016

Training and ministry in a rural longhouse in Sarawak

Resourcing REAP Sarawak evangelists with evangelistic, apologetic and follow-up books and materials.

MAP team with Pastor Daud (second from right) who hosted the REAP training missions of 12 REAP Indonesia evangelists in Pontianak, Indonesia on 22-24 February, 2016.

12 REAP Indonesia evangelists being trained, resourced, and supported to work amongst the Dayaks in Kalimantan, Indonesia.




Bibles for New Converts


With 80,000 conversions to Christ, MAP aims to provide new believers with bibles as gifts.

The distribution of bibles as of March 2016 is as follows:

ConversionsBibles Given
China over 39,00017,000
Sarawakover 16,000 2,800
Sabah over 2,600 900
Orang Asliover 300500
Myanmarover 12,000 1,000
Chinese New Villageover 1,000 200
India/Bhutanover 1,500100
Total 22,500

We plan to ship another 5000 bibles in 2016 for converts in rural China and rural Sarawak and Sabah – 2,500 Chinese bibles and 2,500 Bahasa Indonesia and Iban bibles @ Rm15 and Rm28 per bible respectively.

Keen to contribute? Send your gift to: MAP Partners Berhad, 16-1, Jalan Ara SD7/3B, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur or bank into our Public Bank account: 3108884208 under MAP Partners Berhad. Please scan to us your bank in slip by email:

Thank you. God bless.


MAP 12th Staff Retreat

MAP Staff (Left to Right: Lai Yik Meng, Low Jan Ni, Lydia Li HeDa, Ooi Chin Aik. Colin Wong, Matthew Ngoh, Albert Tang, and Persis Lim.)

The MAP 12th Staff Retreat held on 23-24 October, 2015 at Genting View Resort is strategic and focused, “Towards Meeting the Challenges of REAP 1000.”

In the cool of the hill’s retreat, the MAP team considered the twin challenges of: 1) Getting to the Top (1000 REAP evangelists by 2020), and 2) Growing Warm Relational and Support Bases Globally.

MAP today is over 440 evangelists in 11 countries of Asia with over 80,000 conversions to Christ. We are at ‘base camp’ preparing for the steep ascent to the summit of 1000 evangelists by 2020. Pray for us. Cheer us along the way!

The MAP team at the Retreat gave their feedback and reflections:

“In this retreat, we are reminded again that it was God who started the ministry and raised it up this far. We were so blessed and honoured to be part of His ministry. Through sharing and warm fellowship we were encouraged and charged for achieving more for His glory.”

Lydia Li

“A refreshing retreat and looking forward to reaching the goal of 1000 evangelists by 2020 with God’s blessings.”

Low Jan Ni

“It was an encouraging retreat. We look to the God of peace to equip us with everything good for doing His will and gospel work, in order to produce in and through us what is pleasing to him through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever, amen! (Hebrews 13: 20-21)”

Colin Wong

“Every retreat, I am challenged to do more and to give more.”

Matthew Ngoh

“Thank God for leading us all these years. May God use us to build His kingdom through MAP. Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain.”

Albert and Persis Tang

“May God guide and lead both staff and supporters of MAP, to journey on towards year 2020 and reach the vision of 1000 REAP Evangelists.”

Lai Yik Meng


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