May 8, 2013


Prayer File: Slovakia


Territory: 49,000 sq. km
Number of inhabitants: 5.4 mil.
Capital city: Bratislava (428,700)
Nationalities: Slovak (85.8%), Hungarian (9.7%), Roma (1.7%)
Religions: Roman Catholics – 68.9%,
Lutherans –6.9%,
Evangelicals – 1%

Pray for:

  • slovakiaSpiritual renewal of churches and Christians inSlovakia.The majority of the inhabitants profess Christianity, but they are only nominal Christians.
  • Unity between Christians in Slovakia—that they work together in reaching and witnessing to peoples in Slovakia.
  • Christian families—that they be protected by the Lord and be used as bases for discipling the new generation.
  • New workers, who would plant new churches in places where no living church exists.
  • People involved in the project: “Bible on the Wheel”, where the gospel is taken to the cities and villages through Van4Life.