Issue 59, May – August 2019

Leadership for the Future

Christian ministries in whatever shape and form need effective leaders for the long haul to have a bright future. 

Without vision and implementation of long term strategies in younger leadership development, any Christian ministry at best will hit a plateau in growth and impact.

Paul the Apostle and missionary par excellence, was well aware of the need for effective leadership succession towards healthy churches and gospel leadership for the future generations. In 2 Tim. 2.2 he wrote: “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.” Herein lies the mandate and vision to work on 3-generational leadership succession – Paul to Timothy, Timothy to reliable men, and the reliable men to others.

For many in senior leadership of Christian ministries and churches today we do well to envision a 3-generational leadership succession, reaching out to intentionally mentor the younger leaders from Gen X, Y, Z and the millennials to put Christian work on a more prospective future trajectory.

The alternative is a depletion of leaders faithful to the Word and exercising a cutting edge in gospel and kingdom ministries. An aging church and negative growth both numerically and qualitatively will likely be the future outcome.

We must pray and work closely together now so that our ministries and churches will stay healthy, strong and on the cutting edge, the Lord being our helper. “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” (Prov. 29. 18, KJV)


Missions Conference, The Bahamas.  March 3-10, 2019.

Opening Keynote Address at 3 combined churches Missions Conference on 3 March, 2019 by Evangelist Ooi Chin Aik of MAP at Grace Community Church, Nassau, The Bahamas.

A combined churches Missions Conference in Nassau, The Bahamas involving Grace Community Church, Calvary Bible Church and Abundant Life Bible Church on March 3 – 10, 2019 drew several hundreds towards missions challenge and partnership.

Themed: “Reaching The Unreached In All The Earth”, the Conference featured three international speakers: Evangelist Ooi Chin Aik, the Founder and President of Ministries for Asia Pacific (MAP), Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo, the founder of Barnabas Fund and Barnabas Aid, and Dr. Stephen Lewis, the President of Rocky Mountain Bible College and Rocky Mountain Seminary in Denver, Colorado, USA.

With a stirring theme song: “For the Cause”, and a rallying missions text from Mt. 24. 14: “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come”, hundreds were challenged to pray, give and go to advance the cause of Christ.

Elder Andy Knowles, a key organising committee member of the Conference, gave his feedback:

“The focus and theme of the Conference was “Reaching The Unreached in All The Earth”, which is what the Church should be about, and this is what MAP and REAP ministries are doing, along with many of the other ministries represented at the conference.

The conference was the combined work of three local evangelical churches working together for the glory of God: Grace Community Church, Abundant Life Bible Church, and Calvary Bible Church. Our three speakers: Evangelist Ooi Chin Aik, Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo and Dr. Stephen Lewis, helped us see how God is at work around the world, and how the Church needs to be much in prayer and allow God to use us. Churches working together in harmony is an answer to prayer. God is pleased and God is at work in our Conference. Praise be to God!”

Left to Right: Susanna and Cranston Knowles (Pastor of Abundant Life Bible Church), Pastor Allan Lee (Retired Pastor of Calvary Bible Church), Lydia Ooi and Ooi Chin Aik (MAP and REAP), Rob Elliot (Pastor of Calvary Bible Church).
Enjoying the warm fellowship of partners in the gospel at the home of Elder Cardinal and Hope McCardy. (Left to Right: Eula Bourne, Andy Knowles, Faith Lochan, Godfrey Bourne, Hope McCardy, Lydia Ooi and Ooi Chin Aik, Cardinal McCardy, and Adria McCardy)


Bible Gifts for New Believers

Praise the Lord for the faithful support, prayers and collective labour of our REAP evangelists in 14 countries of Asia Pacific. We have thus far achieved over 153,000 conversions to Christ.

36,000 bibles have been distributed across the countries listed below. The distribution of bibles as of June 2019 was as follows:

ConversionsBibles Given
Chinaover 68,00028,500
Sarawakover 34,0004,200
Sabah over 9,000 1,100
Myanmarover 23,0001,000
India/Bhutanover 2,400300
Chinese New Villageover 1,400400
Orang Asliover 630500
Total 36,000

We are sending an additional 1,000 Chinese bibles to China and 50 Bahasa Malaysia bibles to the Orang Asli of Peninsular Malaysia. More bibles need to be given to many more new converts. Keen to fellowship in sending bibles to new believers?

Chinese bibles cost Rm15 each, and Bahasa Malaysia bibles cost Rm30 each. Send your gift to: MAP Partners Berhad, 16-1, Jalan Ara SD7/3B, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur or bank into our Public Bank Account: 3108884208 under MAP Partners Berhad. Designate “Bible gifts”. Please scan to us your bank in slip by email: Thank you. God bless.


Expanding Training at Rural Chinese Modular Training 7 – RCMT 7

Given the new developments of persecution and restrictions in China, we have expanded the training of REAP China evangelism leaders from two to six on 28-31 May 2019 at MAP.

All 6 China evangelism leaders will then proceed for 3 weeks of intensive training at the School of Trans-Cultural Mission at the Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary, Penang. Within 5 years (by 2024) these 6 China evangelism leaders will train over 5,500 church leaders. Praise the Lord! A total of 13 REAP evangelists: 6 from China and 7 from Chinese New Village in Malaysia attended RCMT 7.

Topics covered in the training include: 1) “Towards a Healthy Missions Church” by Ooi Chin Aik, interpreted by Lydia Ooi, 2) “What is REAP” and “Discipleship” by Albert Tang, and 3) “Led By the Holy Spirit” by ISOM lecturer Bayless Conley, interpreted into Chinese.

Literature given to assist REAP Chinese evangelists in their work include:

1. 10,000 copies of Chinese gospel tracts for distribution,

2. 18 copies of ‘Spiritual Therapy’ by Oswald Sanders translated into Chinese by Lydia Ooi, and

3. 8 copies of ‘Live To Serve’ in Chinese by Shia Chung Chien.

Evangelist L from China gave the feedback and note of appreciation:

“Thank you MAP for giving us the opportunity to be equipped in Malaysia. This is my first trip outside of China. If not for the grace of God and the goodness of MAP ministry, I would not be able to visit churches and God’s people in other parts of the world. Thank you so much for all your prayers and support for our work in China. It is of great help to us. To God be the glory!”

From left (standing): Pauline, Zan, Ca, Zi, Xiao Chui, Rebecca, Noah, and Leam             
Seated from left: Tn, Su, Xa, Chin Aik, Lydia, Persis, Albert, Steven.
MAP Training in progress. A session on: “Toward a Healthy Mission Church” by Ooi Chin Aik, interpreted by Lydia Ooi.
A session on “Discipleship” by Albert Tang