May 8, 2013


Prayer File: Sikkhim (North-East India)

Sikkim in North India is the Himalayan state sandwiched between Nepal and Bhutan with about 600,000 people and 75% Nepali. The defacto state language is now Nepali and Christians comprise 5%, Hindu 67%, Buddhist 27% and Muslims 0.9%. The capital of Sikkim is Gangtok.sikkhim

Ethnically very diverse, the Burmese (Bama) comprise 57.5 %, with 19.8 % coming from Karen (4.8 million), Chin (1.2 million), Kachin (900 000), Rakhine (730,000) and others. The Tai peoples (Shan and Lu-Tai) make up 8.5 %, the Mon- Khmer 5.7 % and the Chinese 3.5 %.

  1. Approximately 25% of the Nepali population in Sikkim are Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Newars. Very few of them are Christians. When converted to Christ they are usually very committed and influential. Focus prayers on these people groups.
  2. Cultural fundamentalism is a hindrance to gospel advance. Many Nepali people form subcultural groups and associations where loyalty to traditions can stand in the way of working together in cooperative efforts in evangelism. Buddhism or Hinduism can create problems for Christians in such cultural groups. Pray for scriptural teaching to transcend cultural hindrances.
  3. Christian and church unity leave much to be desired. Churches tend to divide over issues like administration and some other minor matters. Pray for good teaching on church unity.
  4. Drug addictions, alcoholism and suicide rates are on the increase in the region and even amongst Christians, especially among the young people. Pray for ministries to reach out to those affected by such problems.
  5. Corruption and materialism can be major hindrances in the cities for people to come to know Christ. Pray for righteousness and deep spiritual hunger to come upon the people.
  6. Sikkim Prayer Mountain – a proposal has been made by leaders of the Christian community to the Sikkim government for a Prayer Mountain to be located in Junkiri Dana, East Sikkim. Pray for Elder L.B. Rai who provides leadership in this project.
  7. Pray for the Chief Minister, Pawan Chamling and his cabinet ministers as they provide leadership and good governance for the people of Sikkim.