May 8, 2013

Training Seminars


MAP Training Seminars

Growth does not iust happen. Focus and application in the right direction are necessary. Equipping and empowering through training and mentoring are keys to personal and church growth. Goal setting, support and accountability provide the ambience for growth in church and society.

With that in view, Ministries for Asia Pacific (MAP) seeks to spur growth in churches and Christian organizations through a series of seminars aimed at providing biblical and field insights, skills to do the job and on-going practice for greater effectiveness in ministry. Training seminars include:

Prayer & Evangelism Seminar (Duration: 4 hours)

  • How to start and grow in intercession?
  • What is the role of prayer in evangelism?
  • Biblical models in intercession
  • Understanding and engaging in evangelism
  • How to share an effective testimony!
  • Recognising and removing obstables to faith in Christ
  • Giving and evangelistic invitation

Time will he given for questions and answers, the practice of sharing the faith and prayer. For all who are keen to grow in effective prayer and evangelism.

People Care Seminar (Duration: 6 hours)

  • How do we discern and minister to felt needs?
  • What are the tools available to care-givers in the ministry of caring for the believers in the church?
  • How can we help remove the ‘the weights that cling so closely’ so that others can be set free to serve?
  • How to develop healthy mentoring relationships so that we and others can grow into our full potential in Christ

Case studies will be employed where appropriate. Time will be given for questions and answers, small group discussions and prayer. The focus in on providing skills and insights on basic pastoral care so that cell group leaders and assistant leaders can minister more effectively in caring for their group members. Also for all who wish to learn how to be care-givers and receivers.

Introduction to Preaching Seminar (Duration: 15 hours)

  • What is Preaching?
  • How does it differ from teaching?
  • Introduction to biblical exegesis
  • Preparing the message. sermon crafting. choosing a relevant and arresting introduction, clear and connected sermon points and an apt conclusion will be taught
  • Skills in preaching a good expository sermon
  • Moving from text to sermon, use of illustrations and humour. tone of delivery, gestures and so on will be explored
  • Basic tools afid books in preaching will be introduced

Participants are expected to vret)are and preach a 10-minute sermon for group evaluation and feedback. The sermon will be video-taped for self evaluation.

For all who want to gain a good foundation in preaching God’s Word.

Advanced Preaching Seminar (Duration: 20 hours)

  • Exegeting the biblical texts
  • Movement in the text
  • Movement in the human heart
  • Styles of preaching and holding an audience captive
  • Preaching in series Preaching to different kinds of audience
  • Preaching on special occasions
  • Preparation of messenger and audience
  • Preaching on an expository and prophetic note
  • The presence of God in preaching – from good to excellent sermons

Lectures will cover the above subjects with time for questions and answers. Participants are expected to preach a series of sermons from a chosen theme and preach a sermon for’a special occasion. There will be group feedback and evaluation on quality, coherency, clarity and consistency in the sermons delivered as a series. All preaching sessions will be videotaped for self evaluation. More advanced textbooks will be recommended.

For those who have at least two years of regular preaching experience and wish to hone their skills further to be more effective preachers of God’s Word.