May 8, 2013

REAP – Rural Evangelists Adoption Programme

REAP — Rural Evangelist Adoption Programme

What is REAP? “To recruit, train, support and send gifted full-time evangelists to evangelise and disciple the rural peoples in partnership with the local church towards fulfillment of the Great Commission.”(Matthew 28:18-20)

Rural Evangelists Adoption Programme (REAP) is a 2-year support and training programme for the rural evangelists in Asia Pacific and beyond to reach the rural unreached who are restricted in terms of contact with outsiders.

Through REAP, we aim to support and train at least 1000 rural evangelists to take the gospel to Asia Pacific and beyond over the next 10 years (by 2020). As we sow in terms of financial support, training and resources, we shall reap in due time. The 2-year training programme has 4 modules which include: Bible Studies, Leadership in Evangelism, Leading People to Christ, Follow-Up of Converts, Basic Discipleship, Christian Family and Christian Values.

Your Part

Adopt a rural evangelist. The support for each rural evangelist per month is RM200. A small liabrary of Christian books will be given to each evangelist in the course of the training. Our Part
We will channel the support, train, resource and provide an update on the evangelist, his family, his family, his ministry and his speacial needs for prayers and support to your Care Group, Church, Christian Fellowship or to you

Come, let us join hands to REAP a harvest of souls for the Lord.
(Luke 10:2)

MAP Goals for This Decade (2010-2020)

  • To train, support and send out at least 1000 REAP evangelists.
  • To distribute at least 5 million gospel tracts.
  • To give out at least 50,000 bibles to new believers.
  • To change spiritual landscapes of countries by focusing on them as “REAP Priority Fields”.

Interested to get involved in REAP Programme to reach the rural unreached?

Contact: MAP Office – Low Jan Ni  at 603-6276 7510 or
email us at: email

REAP form Download REAP Partnership form, fill-up and post it to:
MAP Partners Bhd
16-1, Jalan Ara SD 7/3B,
Bandar Sri Damansara 52200 K.L.


For contributions please download and fill up the Responce Form and post it to us.
* Cheque can be made payable to “MAP Partners Berhad

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