May 8, 2013


Prayer File: Myanmar

Myanmar, a country of approximately 52 million, is about:myanmar

  • 83 % Buddhist,
  • 7 % Christian,
  • 3.8 % Muslim,
  • 3 % Chinese religions, and 0.5 % Hindus.

Ethnically very diverse, the Burmese (Bama) comprise 57.5 %, with 19.8 % coming from Karen (4.8 million), Chin (1.2 million), Kachin (900 000), Rakhine (730,000) and others. The Tai peoples (Shan and Lu-Tai) make up 8.5 %, the Mon- Khmer 5.7 % and the Chinese 3.5 %.

  1. 40 years of repressive military rule have isolated the nation and impoverished the people. Pray for the efforts of UN and other members of the international community seeking to bring about a democratic government that will rebuild the country with both democratic and religious freedom.
  2. The Church in Myanmar is growing in the midst of isolation, repression and many imposed restrictions on buildings, evangelizing, importation of literature and job opportunities. Praise God for considerable growth among the ethnic minorities like the Karen (40 % are Christians), the Chin and Kachin groups, Lisu, Lahu and others. Many of the Buddhist monks (about 750,000) are showing interest in the gospel via Christian radio broadcasts. Pray for the continuing work of reaching the lost in every sub-group of the ethnic minorities and to the Burmese majority.
  3. Intercede for greater unity and reconciliation among Christians. The causes of division range from ethnic, doctrinal and political differences. Pray for Christian leaders with big hearts and vision to work together in Christian Bodies like, Myanmar Evangelical Christian Fellowship, AD 2000 and Beyond Committee, Post-Amsterdam 2000 Committee, for the cause of Christ and His gospel in the nation and beyond.
  4. Theological education is vitally important in raising well-trained local church pastors, evangelists, church planters, teachers, and Christian leaders in church and society. Resources in the form of qualified staff and library are thin. All Protestant and most Catholic missions were expelled in 1966. Pray for a powerful synergistic partnership between the 90 over theological institutions and theological educators on short-term missions to the country. Pray especially for the evangelical seminaries like : Evangelical Bible Seminary (over 120 students), ACTS Bible College (Church on the Rock, 90 students with an orphanage work), Evangel Bible college (AOG, 60 students), Bethany Theological Seminary (Presbyterian, over 50 students), and Hebron (Christian Brethren, 20 students).
  5. Pray for work of Bible Translation via evangelical translators in the Myanmar Bible Society. This poses a major challenge as teams work on 14 NT translations and a further 54 languages will need translation. Pray that the Lord raise up more bible translators and provide the necessary funding.
  6. Pray for the continuing ministry of Christian radio broadcasting via FEBC and TWR, and the screening of The Jesus film in film and on television in the country. Intercede for the gospel to speed on through these channels and that much fruit will abound for the glory of God.
  7. Pray for MAP as we seek to assist in building God’s kingdom in Myanmar via Evangelism Leadership Training to theological students in the seminaries, and mobilize pastors and Christian leaders in the nation to convene for a National Prayer Concert in Yangon in 2002.