May 8, 2013

MAP Dedication Service

Opening Address by the Chairman of MAP

example5“I would want to take the liberty here of saying a few words of my perception of what MAP is all about and what MAP can do. Every time I think of MAP, I think of the spiritual gifts that are mentioned to us in the Scriptures, gifts given by the Risen Lord to His church, gifts not merely of abilities but of men and women to the church, to serve the church. While some of these gifts are gifts that can be used almost exclusively within a local church, there are other gifts meant to be used not only in the local church but also abroad to this world at large. And I cannot help but think of Billy Graham. If Billy Graham who happens to be a Southern Baptist remains in the confines of his church, what a loss that would be to all of us. Nearer home, I think of GD James, a member of a church, not a particularly large church, but God gave him the gift to be an evangelist. He was able to reach out to many people not only in this country but also in Singapore, Australia and Darjeeling in India and other places.

What I want to suggest is that MAP will be looking for people of that kind, who would be able to come in and assist in proclaiming the Word of God and with carrying out the aims and objectives of MAP. The spiritual gifts can be used beyond the scope of our local church.

We also know that MAP is committed to missions work and this already has been done. Our brother Chin Aik has visited Nepal, Bhutan and the whole list of other names that have been given, Jordan and other places where he has been able to preach the Word. We are thankful that our brother Philip who joins the team now has also experience in missions work, reaching out to people. We trust that God will bless the mission efforts of MAP. Evangelizing in areas where the witness is weak and where the resources are limited, you have to bear in mind that MAP would have to find it’s own resources to reach people in these areas, and meet all their own commitments and traveling expenses etc. This is where I would like to appeal to you as member of the church to support this work. Mission-minded church, I’m sure will be more than willing to support MAP in its mission efforts.

Also I want to make this appeal to churches and individual Christians; if you have the relevant gifts and talents to serve with MAP either on a full or part time capacity, I’m sure they will welcome you. MAP will welcome you for the service. There’s need for cooperation from the churches, churches not to feel they are losing someone if he or she seeks to serve with MAP but to remember that in releasing them you’re supporting the larger work of the church, the larger work that the Lord has given to His church to proclaim the Gospel all over the world.

MAP wants to work with the churches and MAP also wants to be accountable to someone. Chin Aik and whoever else works with them will be responsible to someone.

One of the first thing they did was to think in terms of a Council of Reference and so the Council of Reference has been set up, names of Christians leaders with standing in their different churches. MAP is serving a wide area, and as a result we want people representing various churches to serve on the Council of Reference. We welcome them and we’re grateful to them for having committed themselves to serve on MAP. We thank God too for those on the International Council of Reference like Michael Green, Patrick Sookhdeo, and Voon Soon Lin from Australia who believe in the work of MAP and are willing to stand by it. And so, brothers and sisters, I commend to you MAP and asked that you will pray for it, as it seeks to begin this work and spreads it’s wing. We realize that without your help and support, nothing can be done. Thank you very much.”

A Word from the Secretary General of NECF Malaysia

example4“On behalf of the Evangelical Christian Community, NECF Malaysia wishes to congratulate Ministries for Asia Pacific and the founder and president, Mr. Ooi Chin Aik, for taking this very special initiative to establish a fellowship that helps to encourage the work of evangelism and to build up the evangelists in this region. I believe that this is a very commendable effort of our Malaysian Church in not only touching the life of the Malaysian Christians and non-Christians, but also beyond the national boundaries of Malaysia.

As I think of MAP, a few things come to my mind. First is the Task, second is the Organization, third is the Man, and fourth is the Team. I think MAP has a very clear focus of helping to fulfill the Great Commission, which is most needed at this moment where people are certainly in need of the Gospel. Therefore, the task of reaching out is very critical at this age.

Secondly, the Organization. I think it is very important to see the MAP focus in terms of networking of evangelists, and we believe that today, no organization or no individual. evangelist can continue to minister in isolation. There must be synergistic partnership that enhances not only the utilization of resources but also mobilizes the manpower for the work of evangelism. Currently, I am involved in the networking of evangelists through the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Amsterdam 2000 and beyond. This conference will be held sometime in July next year to actually fulfill the same mission as what MAP is doing on the short-term basis. Therefore, the focus in terms of partnership, the focus in terms of equipping is very critical at this moment of time because we are confronted today by many of the evangelistic efforts, which are very experiential, but we need to complement this signs and wonders with the authentic preaching of the Word of God so that these two can go hand in hand to reach out to many.

And then the Man. I believe that God has raised up brother Chin Aik, a man who has that passion, a man who has that conviction, a man who has that knowledge to fulfill this task. I believe that this is a timely, appointment of God for brother Chin Aik, to take up this responsibility.

And then fourthly, I believe, God has also raised up a Team. I mean with people like Mr. Boler and many of the members of the Board of Reference, reveal to us very clearly that we have a very strong team of matured, committed Christians who believe the mission of MAP itself Therefore, with these four important areas, the Task, the Man, the Organization and the Team, I believe that God is going to use this ministry to reach out to many. On behalf of everybody here, we want to once again wish Chin Aik and the organization God’s best blessings upon the fellowship.

Thanksgiving Address by the Founder and President

example5“It is a Thanksgiving Service. I want to begin by thanking the Lord who first saved me when I was at the age of 12. I also want to thank many others whom God has used to help me along in Christian service especially in the work of evangelism.

Rev. Dr. Michael Green, esteemed mentor and friend, who inspired me to focus on integrating field evangelism with good biblical scholarship, thank you.

Dr. Leighton Ford who invested in me, and taught me to think in terms of organizational underpinnings for the greater run of the gospel, thank you.

Mr. David Boler, beloved mentor and friend, who trusted me and taught me through personal example, the need for patience, grace and wisdom in working with the wider body of Christ, thank you.

Say Yaun and Poh Lee, for being loyal and supportive friends, thank you. You have not spared yourselves in showing appreciation. Yeng Phooi for friendship and the many expressions of pastoral care, thank you.

National Evangelical Christian Fellowship, Malaysia, thank you for the privilege of 6 years of serving God’s church in this nation and beyond as an evangelical Christian.

Petaling Jaya Gospel Hall, thank you for commending me to the Lord’s service and for standing with me firmly since day one. And now, I want to thank SS Gospel Centre for supporting me and praying for me.

The work of MAP has just begun. I believe, brothers and sisters, that God wants to continue to give the gifting of the public preaching evangelists to the church. As Billy Graham steps down and Bill Bright steps down, God has prepared His Joshuas. We cannot compare Joshua with Moses. In fact, it is very intimidating to read that kind of commendation given to Moses in the last chapter of the book of Deuteronomy. For after him, no one has ever shown the mighty power or performed the awesome deeds in the sight of all Israel. Often, as human beings, we longed for Moses’ giftings in the service of God. God has however prepared different leaders for different times. I believe that God wants to cheer in Malaysia a new breed of emerging young evangelists who would indeed go and change not just communities but nations for the glory of God.

I believe that the time has come for Malaysia to be on the world map in evangelism – that we would not just think Malaysia but think world for the sake of His Son, Jesus Christ. I believe that the only way for us as Christians and leaders to think about the gospel is to think big – because the needs are big, because the numbers that need to be reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ are big. Asia Pacific alone has more than half of the world’s population of 6 billion.

People need to hear, people need to hear the good news and God wants to send evangelists to give them the good news. So I want to place before you the burden, brothers and sisters, the burden of reaching the millions in Asia Pacific who have never heard and who needs to hear.

Thank you for coming, praying and sharing in the work with us.”

Dedication Prayer

“Eternal God, our Heavenly Father, grant that Ministries for Asia Pacific (MAP), will serve your sovereign purposes and be an instrument to further the cause of Christ, your Son, and His gospel in the power of your Spirit, in Asia Pacific and beyond.

We seek your favour and richest blessings on the labour of your servants. Anoint those who would preach and teach in your Name. Grant unity of heart and spirit for all who seek to extend the gospel of Christ: staff, council, churches, praying friends and co-labourers.

Give us success and keep us humble.

We give you all the praise and glory.

We pray in the Name above all names, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, and soon returning King of Kings and Lord of Lords.