August 19, 2015

Turning Faces Towards Heaven


In conjunction with the 10th Anniversary of Ministries for Asia Pacific (MAP), a new book, authored by its Founder and President, Ooi Chin Aik, will be launched at the 10th Anniversary Thanksgiving and Fundraising Dinner on 18th November, 2010, at The Club, Bukit Utama, Bandar Utama.

Entitled: “Turning Faces Towards Heaven”, with a foreword by Dr. Leighton Ford, the 209-page book is divided into 3 parts.

Part One:

Ministries for Asia Pacific (MAP)—A Decade Of Gospel Advance, tells the story of MAP in the early years, the transition years, and the years of gospel advance. It records the sovereign work of God, from a mustard seed beginning of 2 evangelists in 1 nation to a gospel movement of over 200 evangelists in 10 countries of Asia Pacific.

Part Two:
Themes For Gospel Advance, seeks to press onto the readers, the urgency of the tasks with an end-time perspective, and call God’s people to reflect and act in the ‘Study Guide’ section.

Part Three:
Gospel Advance In The 21st Century, seeks to present global and regional missiological trends and challenges for our time, in the hope that readers and churches can develop a global perspective for gospel advance in the ‘worst and best of times’.

About the Author

ocaOoi Chin Aik is the Founder and President of Ministries for Asia Pacific (MAP)—a fellowship of over 200 preaching and equipping evangelists for the Asia Pacific region and beyond. After graduating with a B.Sc. from the University of Malaya, he worked as a Process Engineer for several years before leaving for theological studies at Regent College, Canada, where he earned the Master of Christian Studies and the Master of Theological Studies. He was awarded the John Maxwell Baxter Prize in Preaching.

Chin Aik exercises an international ministry in evangelistic and expository preaching in churches, universities and Christian conferences, in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, The Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, China, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Kenya, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Papua New Guinea, Australia, The Cook Islands, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Canada, The Bahamas, and the United States of America.

He teaches and trains leaders on prayer, evangelism, missions and leadership and is a member of the International Faculty of Haggai Institute of Advanced Leadership. He provides leadership for Rural Evangelists Adoption Programme (REAP) in China, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia, The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc., and leads missions teams into the Asia-Pacific countries for gospel advance and training.

Chin Aik is the author of, “Turning Faces Towards Heaven : Everyone Can Advance The Gospel.” He is the editor of “The Pursuit of God’s Cause” and has several published articles on Evangelism, Missions and Leadership. Ooi Chin Aik has been inducted into the 2001 Edition of International WHO’S WHO of Entrepreneurs and serves as Spiritual Advisor to CEO Forum, Malaysia. He is married to Lydia and serves in his local church as Associate Pastor in Evangelism and Missions.

Table of Content

What Christian Leaders Around The World Say
Foreword : Dr. Leighton Ford
Preface : Ooi Chin Aik
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Part One: Ministries For Asia Pacific (MAP)
— A Decade Of Gospel Advance
1. A Mustard Seed Beginning (2001-2003)
~ the early years of MAP
2. A Challenge To Faith And Obedience (2004-2005)
~ the transition years
3. An Idea Turns Into A Movement—REAP (2006-2010)
~ the years of gospel advance
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Part Two: Themes For Gospel Advance    
4. The Main Thing (view excerpt)
5. Contact Gospel
6. Heart Frontiers
7. Keeping In Step With The Spirit
8. Gospel Power
9. Empowering Others
10. Seize The Moment
11. Changing Spiritual Landscapes (view excerpt)
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Part Three: Gospel Advance In The 21st Century    
12. Missions Trends And Challenges For Our Time
13. The Worst And Best Of Times Postscript
14. Looking Ahead
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Study Guide — Part Two: Themes For Gospel Advance   157-171
Appendix I: Commendations For MAP   173-174
Appendix II: Congratulatory Messages On The Dedication Service
Of MAP Partners (Aust) Inc.
The Story Of MAP In Photographs   180-194
Index   198-209


“Turning Faces Towards Heaven”—CHAPTER 4: The Main Thing

Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light.
—George Washington
First President of The United States

I determined never to stop until I had come to the end and achieved my purpose.
—David Livingstone

It has been over 2000 years since the advent of Christ. As to the main purpose of His first coming, Jesus Himself declared, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10)Truth be told, we preach lots about His Second Coming (and there is nothing wrong with that emphasis) while billions in our world have yet to hear about His first coming!A young lady on a short-term mission to a rural village in India went door to door witnessing for Christ. Knocking on the door of a village house, an elderly lady came to greet her. “Excuse me, have you heard about Jesus Christ?” the young missionary asked. “No. There is no such person in this village. Maybe you can find him in the next village!” came the reply.A soft drink company like Coca-Cola has for its corporate goal, “To place Coca-Cola within an arm’s reach of desire for every person.” Can the Church of Jesus Christ who has been entrusted with the glorious good news of the living water afford to settle for anything less?Washington Irving once wrote, “Great minds have purposes; others have wishes.”Mere wishes alone will not do to finish the task of proclaiming Christ. We need to 1) Purpose to live for Christ, and like Paul, to run the race of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace (Acts 20:24), 2) Plan to meet up with like-minded Christians and churches to work together towards the task of world evangelization, and 3) Pray for God’s grace and favour to finish the race well. It is so easy for us to give in to lesser purposes (though legitimate) and let them consume our time, money and energy—lesser purposes that revolve more around self and self-fulfillment rather than around God and the advance of His gospel and kingdom.These purposes could be personal career advancement in return for a more comfortable life and a better future for oneself and one’s children. So much of life and life’s energy are directed towards such pursuits. Not that these things are in and of themselves wrong. But, what about the gospel? What about the truth of God’s eternal Word? Are our purposes and pursuits integral and central to the glory of God and the advance of His gospel?We thank God for gospel movements like Lausanne, AD 2000 and Beyond, and Amsterdam 2000 in our recent history. For example, in Amsterdam 2000, 10,287 evangelists, missions strategists, church leaders and theologians from 209 countries have come from the four corners of the earth for one main purpose—to complete the task of world evangelization. What is needed is for the spirit of these movements to get into our local churches, to our church leaders, and members, so that the whole Church can take the whole Gospel to the whole World.Let us keep the main thing, the main thing. It needs to begin with you!

Questions for Discussion and Action:

    • James Stewart in: “Thine is the Kingdom”, (pp. 14-15) comments:“The concern for world evangelization is not something tacked on to a man’s personal Christianity which he may take or leave as he chooses. It is rooted indelibly in the very character of God. Thus it can never be the province of a few enthusiasts, or the sideline or specialty of those who happen to have a bend that way. It is the distinctive mark of being a Christian. To believe God is to enlist under a missionary banner.”Do you agree that every Christian should be concerned about world evangelization? Read Psalm 67:1-7; Isaiah 49:6; Matthew 24:14; Mark 16:15; 1 Timothy 2:8. How can we give practical expressions to this concern?


    • Why do you think the Church, despite having such a long history of over 2000 years, has not been able to finish the task of taking the gospel to the whole world? Give reasons. What lessons can we learn for ourselves today?


    • Why is purpose important for living? What would be your top 3 purposes in life as a Christian? Share with the group and pray over them.


    • What temptations are there in your world to distract you from following the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20)? How do you plan to overcome these temptations?


  • What positive steps can you take to keep the main thing, the main thing? For example, one can be part of a prayer and support group.

“Turning Faces Towards Heaven”—CHAPTER 11:
Changing Spiritual Landscapes

Throughout history, it was the super achievers—and only the super achievers—who knew when to say “No.”
They always knew what to reach for, they knew where to place themselves.
~ Peter Drucker

Him we proclaim, warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom,
that we may present every man mature in Christ.
~ Apostle Paul, Colossians 1:28

To the question what is the chief end of Man, the answer in the Westminster Shorter Catechism is, “Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.” King David, the psalmist, wrote these words in Psalm 67:1-3,“May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine upon us, that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations. May the peoples praise you, O God; may all the peoples praise you.”David, in this visionary psalm, invokes a prayer of blessing on the nation of Israel, (cf. Numbers 6:24-26) in order that all nations on earth may know God’s ways and salvation, and praise Him. Our prayer and heartcry today should be the same—that we be blessed so that the nations will know and worship Him. Elizabeth Dole puts earthly life into perspective when she writes, “Life is not just a few years to spend in self-indulgence and career advancement. It is a privilege, a responsibility, a stewardship to be lived according to a much higher calling.” (Harold Myra and Marshall Shelly in, “The Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham”, p. 257)More than 100 years ago, Korea was less than 1% Christian. Today, through passionate prayer and sacrificial commitment, the country is: 1) Over 40% Christian, 2) Second only to the United States in terms of missionaries sent abroad, and 3) Having strong Christian presence and impact on every level of society. The spiritual landscape of Korea has changed.Missions history is dynamic and open to change. The status quo can be challenged and changes made for the glory of God. The question is whether we have what it takes to get the job done and make Jesus famous. Rural churches in China today, with our practical partnership in the gospel, can significantly alter the spiritual landscape of the most populous nation. The Church in China, with proper teaching and discipling, can join the ranks of the top sending nations. Passionate prayer and sacrificial commitment are alive and well in China. Spiritual fundamentals are in place. We need to invest in the future of the Church in China for spiritual ripple effects to the world at large. In Peninsular Malaysia, the over 50 Chinese New Villages without any Christian presence, stare down at us. We are doing our little part. We have begun the work of pioneering evangelism and church planting in these unreached fields with 4 REAP Chinese New Village evangelists in 2010. We are researching, highlighting, and mobilising local churches to work together with us. With prayer, passion, and commitment in partnership, we can send rural evangelists to evangelize and plant a church in each one, making the present scenario a thing of the past.Over 900,000 Ibans, the largest unreached tribal group in Sarawak, are today more ready to hear and receive the good news. Charles B.D., one of our REAP Sarawak evangelists, reports:“In the late 70’s the Ibans were very defensive. The gospel was rejected, and evangelists were shown the door out. Now, we are encouraged by the positive response of the Ibans and the Bidayuhs. For example, after evangelising one longhouse, other longhouses are inviting us to come. We need more manpower, prayer and support.”This beckons us to gird up our loins, get our act together as God’s people, support, and send evangelists who will ‘go’ and ‘tell’. We must dream and work towards the speediest evangelization of Sarawak. Dare we envision a Sarawak 75% strong in Christians by 2020 compared to about 42% today?We need to dream and work towards Christian presence with visible impact at every level of society—the parliament, the judiciary, the government, education and media, the marketplace, welfare sectors etc. We need to catch up as a sending Church. It can be done. It must be done.With passionate prayer, and sacrificial commitment, together, we can change spiritual landscapes in Malaysia, Asia Pacific and beyond for the glory of God.

Questions for Discussion and Action:

    • Read Psalm 67 and Numbers 6:24-26How is Psalm 67:1 related to Numbers 6:24-26? What is the reason why David asks God to bless Israel? Give reasons why this psalm is considered a visionary psalm.


    • “Life is not just a few years to spend in self-indulgence and career advancement. It is a privilege, a responsibility, a stewardship to be lived according to a much higher calling.” (Elizabeth Dole) Do you agree with Elizabeth Dole’s statements? Discuss. What in your opinion would constitute a “much higher calling”?


    • Missions history is dynamic and open to change. The church is called to be a change agent. What changes would you like to see in your church, your city, and your country? How can these changes take place?


    • “Jesus Christ is not Lord at all if He is not Lord of all.” Do you agree? What areas in the life of your nation need to have stronger Christian presence and impact?


  • With passionate prayer and sacrificial commitment together, we can change spiritual landscapes in the nation and nations. How can we grow prayer and in what areas do we need to demonstrate the spirit of sacrifice?


I have been reminded of when I first met Chin Aik many years ago,first when he was a student in North America and attended one of our seminars on Evangelism Leadership, and then when he was ministering in Malaysia.

Now itis my privilege to write the foreword for his new book—with a title I like: “Turning Faces Towards Heaven”. For the work of evangelism is about faces on earth reflecting the glory of God in theface of Jesus, and leading us to be part of the answer to Jesus’ prayer
that God’s will be done on earth as in heaven.

Many years ago I wrote a book entitled: “Good News is forSharing”. I began telling how my wife lost her lovely engagement ring while we were together on a mission. We searched in vain forit on a sandy beach where she had been sitting, and could not find it. When we returned to our room she found it—on our bed!

We hugged each other, and then, although it was late, ranup and down the hall, knocking on the doors of our friends (and perhaps strangers too!) to tell them we had found it.

We could not hold back! Good news has to be shared! And thatis the kind of grateful enthusiasm which will motivate us to share the good news.

And “share” is the operational word. The good news is not a commodity to be publicized and promoted. It is a relationship to be shared. God did not send the good news message through a sign in the sky, but by his Son coming to earth. And the gospel always comes best in a relational package.

I like what Chin Aik writes: that for an advance of the gospel we must major on love.

Paul wrote (as translated in Today’s English Version) that “God has changed us from enemies into friends, and given us the task of making others his friends also.”

Making friends for God: that is at the heart of evangelism.

I pray that as you and many read this book, the personal story and model of Chin Aik, the biblilcal truths, the contemporary picture of our world with its great need for good news, and the practical suggestions, will all help you to share the good news, and to make friends for God.

Leighton Ford, President
Leighton Ford Ministries
Charlotte, North Carolina


Writing a first book can be a daunting task. This is especially so when it is about the gospel, with already so many titles on the gospel in the bookstores. So why another one? The reasons are at least three.

Firstly, the story of Ministries for Asia Pacific (MAP) is about the sovereign initiative of God who calls, provides, and energises the work. Through people and friendship networks, many individuals and churches around the globe form the story of God at work in and through MAP.Every story of God at work in an individual, a team, or groups of people, is a story of His amazing grace and creativity to fulfill His purpose. It is uniquely His handiwork. We tell the story—His story—to acknowledge and praise Him.

Secondly, MAP is today 10 years old with its fair share of adventures, struggles, and victories. We want to put on record some significant lessons learnt in the decade long journeying together—lessons particularly on faith, perseverance and obedience. God did not give us a 10 year blueprint for gospel advance in advance. He simply called us out to walk with Him and keep trusting Him day by day. I trust this relational aspect of trusting in Him, moment by moment, will encourage you to do the same. Our desire and hope is that the record of God’s providential leading and His goodness through MAP will serve as an inspiration for all future aspiring evangelists and for you the reader. Part One of the book seeks to do that.

Thirdly, we would like to share a model for reaching the lost. It is our attempt to be biblical—working with and through the local church (Acts 13), fulfilling the Lord’s desire that we pray to Him to send out workers into His harvest field (Luke 10:2), and partnering with God’s people worldwide to train, support, and send evangelists to reach the lost (Philippians 1:5). It is also our attempt to be effective in reaching the lost in Asia Pacific and beyond. We need the whole Church to get more involved. Share with us in the sending of evangelists to the rural masses in Asia Pacific and beyond through Rural Evangelists Adoption Programme (REAP). Partner with us to recognise and call into fellowship, emerging younger evangelists in the region. Help us establish the “REAP Priority Fields” and change spiritual landscapes, whilst carrying on the pioneering work of gospel advance in new lands.

Part Two of the book: Themes For Gospel Advance, seeks to press onto the readers, the urgency of the tasks with an end-time perspective, and call God’s people to reflect and act in the ‘Study Guide’ section. Part Three: Gospel Advance In The 21st Century, seeks to present global and regional missiological trends and challenges for our time, in the hope that readers and churches can develop a global perspective for gospel advance in the ‘worst and best of times’.

My prayer and hope is that God will be pleased to use this book to stir and mobilise His Church to take the gospel to every person in every part of our world, and in so doing, be God’s instrument in, “Turning Faces Towards Heaven”. Everyone can advance the gospel. Everyone should!

Ooi Chin Aik
Founder and President
Ministries for Asia Pacific (MAP)


What Christian Leaders Say?

The only valuable books about evangelism are those written by practising evangelists. So I hail Chin Aik Ooi’s account of the massive growth of his evangelistic movement, and the chapters later in the book on how we can all become engaged in practical evangelism ourselves. Asia is on the cutting edge of world evangelism today. He has over 200 evangelists working in ten countries. Learn from an expert!Dr. Michael Green
Professor of Evangelism and Apologetics, Oxford University, United Kingdom;
International Council of Reference, Ministries for Asia Pacific (MAP).


I have known my dear brother Chin Aik over many years and it gladdens my heart to be able to commend his book. “Turning Faces Towards Heaven” is the story of one man’s adventure in the service of the Lord. How encouraging it is to see how Christ has led and blessed a humble man of God. Chin Aik’s passion for souls and his broad vision for world mission will be an inspiration to many. Part biographical and part analysis of mission trends and opportunities facing the Church today, it is a book which will be not only an encouragement to the reader but also a useful source of information about current and future developments in mission. I warmly commend the book.

Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo
International Director, Barnabas Fund, United Kingdom;
International Council of Reference, Ministries for Asia Pacific (MAP).

Ooi Chin Aik has been true to the heavenly vision the Lord gave him in his student days. His vision is to equip all of God’s people to share the good news clearly and effectively with their relatives, friends, neighbours, and communities. His focus has been on Asia, but his vision is for the world—joining hands with evangelists, teachers, church leaders, and ordinary believers—encouraging and enabling disciples of Jesus to see that witness is the task of the whole

Dr. W. Ward Gasque
Founding Member of Faculty of Regent College (Vancouver);
English Pastor of Richmond Chinese Alliance Church, Canada.

When an individual is passionate about obeying God’s commandment, we can expect nothing less than great and mighty things to happen for the Kingdom of God. Ooi Chin Aik chose to obey despite the costs. His burden for lost souls, coupled with his ardent fervour for the advancement of the Gospel is a desperately needed trait in the Church more than ever before. In a time when many Christians are contented to ‘play church’ and wait for the world to knock on their doors, the zeal of the author and his associates for global evangelism is most heartening. “Turning Faces Towards Heaven” is a timely reminder that the task of proclaiming the Word of God is far from finished. There remain many nations, peoples and tribes to be reached with the good news of Jesus Christ. It is my hope that all who read his book will not only recapture anew the essence of the Great Commission, but will also transit into a personal commitment to equip themselves for active evangelism.

Rev. Dr. Eu Hong Seng
Senior Pastor, Full Gospel Tabernacle, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia;
Chairman, National Evangelical Christian Fellowship, Malaysia.

This book: “Turning Faces Towards Heaven”, is like the Acts of the Apostles. It records all the end-time events where “the harvest is plentiful and the labourers are few” notion is so real and acute. My brother Ooi Chin Aik has the faith to do the ministry and the love of souls. God has prepared the end-time strategies for the Church to reach the ends of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Rt. Rev. Ng Moon Hing
Bishop of The Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia;
Chairman of the Christian Federation of Malaysia.

From the word ‘Go’, Ooi Chin Aik in his book tells it all plainly and without embellishment, how a passion for the lost was caught after a missions event some 22 years ago when he was still studying at Regent College, Vancouver. In his own words, “…I felt a tear drop from my left eye. That, I trace back to be the day God birthed something into my spirit—a burden for lost souls.” Part Two of Chin Aik’s book reminds me of a physician telling his patient, “You must take these pills for your body’s well being. These are the essentials.” Themes For Gospel Advance in this part sounded so much like the physician. They serve as a timely reminder to all God’s people of such essentials for effective Gospel outreach. This book is the story of the faithful response of a man whose heart was touched by the Lord—read it. God’s richest blessings.

Elder Kong Yeng Phooi
Elder, Petaling Jaya Gospel Hall;
Vice Chairman, National Evangelical Christian Fellowship, Malaysia.

This book pulsates with unceasing and unrelenting call to preach the gospel to all nations. The Holy Spirit chose a courageous man, Chin Aik, and gifted him a faithful wife, Lydia, who shares his burden, a dedicated team of evangelists, competent administrators, wise and godly board members to accomplish this task of evangelization. It is a remarkable story of God’s work seen in partnership of MAP with churches, God’s miracles of provision and leading, and God’s love for the lost peoples. When one man obeys God’s call, great things happened! When a group of people and churches obey God’s prompting, greater things happened!

Rev. Wong Fong Yang
Senior Pastor, City Discipleship Presbyterian Church, Petaling Jaya;
Council of Reference, Ministries for Asia Pacific (MAP).

Chin Aik’s book, “Turning Faces Towards Heaven”, is more than a record of the origin of MAP. It is a statement of God’s faithfulness towards the completion of the Great Commission. Truly what God has started, He will complete. All we need to do is to persevere and to remain faithful to the call. Chin Aik’s book will remind us that God is on course to finish His mission of Global evangelization and we must partner with Him to finish the work.

Rev. Dr. Chew Weng Chee
Senior Pastor, SIB KL, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;
Council of Reference, Ministries for Asia Pacific (MAP).

Chin Aik’s passion for the Gospel, God’s faithfulness, his faithful obedience to God’s calling, and his courageous leadership to pioneer a new move of God in Asia will encourage many young hearts to launch out into unknown frontiers. The battle-weary veterans among us will certainly be encouraged in God’s faithfulness to complete His work in and through us. Those who sow will surely harvest! Today mega global changes are posing great challenges but these also present unique opportunities for Gospel advance—aptly captioned by Chin Aik as “the worst and the best of times”. The call has come through this book to respond biblically to these challenges and “to seize the moment”!Christopher Leong
Lead Pastor, Antioch Network Community.


Combining passion and purpose, we see Chin Aik’s heart poured out for the gospel in Asia Pacific in this captivating account. You will be blessed and inspired as you read it.

Dr. Daniel Ho
Senior Pastor, Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC),
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

All of us Christians want to obey Jesus to reach out to the unreached with the Gospel but few are able to do so effectively. The needs in Asia Pacific and Beyond are tremendous, the odds are daunting but God has brought together Chin Aik and his team to rise up to the challenges and touch the lives of the unreached by empowering local evangelists through their Rural Evangelists Adoption Programme. This book is a timely reminder of what God can do through each of us if we are obedient to His call as exemplified in the life of Chin Aik.

Dr. Living Lee Chai Peng
Professor of Geology, University of Malaya;
Chairman, Peoples’ Park Baptist Church, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

This is a marvelous account of the Lord’s hand upon this ministry, from the birthing of MAP and through each step forward over the past ten years. It testifies powerfully of the Lord’s direction and provisions, as He calls His servants to fulfil His purpose. And it provides a timely reminder of the Lord’s on-going work for the gospel’s advance to the nations.

David LT Yap
Pastor/ Elder, Yio Chu Kang Chapel, Singapore;
Chairman, SIM East Asia Regional Council.

“An inspiring testimony to the power of God’s Word and God’s call to an outstanding Christian. A must for all aspiring evangelists!”

Dr. Lee Soo Ann
Former General Secretary, Bible Society of Singapore, 1990-2003;
fellow student with Ooi Chin Aik in Regent College, 1988-1990.

Reading through “Turning Faces Towards Heaven”, really shapes and deepens my understanding of MAP Ministry—Past, Present and Future. Pastor Chin Aik is a man of vision and a man with passion for the Mission. The ministry is very worthy of support. I strongly recommend this book for all interested in gospel advance.

Rev. Keat Seng Teoh, J.P.
Coodinator of Senior Ministry of CCCOWE, International;
President of Melbourne Chinese University of 3rd Age;
Co-Founder of Bible College of Victoria (Chinese department).

Pastor Ooi Chin Aik has delivered to the Church worldwide apowerful book that gives the believer a first hand account as to how God builds and shapes a man; births a vision in him, and by walking with him faithfully, brings that vision to reality. It is a must have tool for the saint who needs to learn to trust God to bring forth the vision He has given in due season.

Pastor Lyall Bethel
Senior Pastor of Grace Community Church,
Nassau, The Bahamas.

With great biblical insight, Chin Aik calls Christians back to radical Christian missions in the midst of today’s disturbing headlines. The discussion questions help to focus the readers on how to live out the Gospel in our everyday life. An inspiring and interesting account of the history of MAP that challenges our heart and mind.

Dr. Leong Seng Yap
Pastor, Australia for Christ Fellowship (ACF) Melbourne;
Chairman, MAP Partners (Aust) Inc., Australia.

There are not many books that I have read whose authors I know personally. “Turning Faces Towards Heaven” is different. Its author, Chin Aik, is my good friend. Chin Aik is a people person and that is one of the basic ingredients of the success of his ministry. And it is no wonder that so many connections have been made in his ministry and so many events experienced. These are reflected in this book which makes very interesting reading.“Turning Faces Towards Heaven” is an encouragement particularly in this decade when there seems to be setbacks in the advancement of the Gospel in western societies. We can take heart that God is still at work and moving in many places particularly in the Third World countries and we must continue to pray for and support the work. It is our prayer and hope that the work done will in turn impact the Church in the western world.

Rev. Dr. Ang Woo York
Senior Pastor of Evangelical Community Church, Melbourne ;
Vice Chairman, MAP Partners (Aust) Inc., Australia.

What a joy and privilege it was to meet Ooi Chin Aik, the Founder and President of MAP, in November 2009 at a Mission Conference in Malaga, Spain. His participation was a blessing for all of us and I recognised him as a very gifted evangelist, teacher and communicator of the Gospel. I am deeply convinced that the great epoch of world mission and evangelism is not behind us but rather before us and that the Lord of the harvest will use ministries like MAP and persons like Ooi Chin Aik to share this vision and to advance the Gospel in our time and age.

Rev. Albrecht Hauser
Retired Mission Secretary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Wuerttemberg,
Germany; Trustee of the Barnabas Fund.

Aims and Objectives

Priced at RM50 per copy, it is our prayer that this book will be used of the Lord to stir and mobilise His Church to take the gospel to every person, in every part of our world, and in so doing, be God’s instrument in, “Turning Faces Towards Heaven”. Everyone can advance the gospel. Everyone should!

Proceeds from the sale of the books will go towards the Chin Aik and Lydia “Gospel Trust Fund”. This fund will be managed by a Board of Trustees.

The Aims and Objectives of the Chin Aik and Lydia “Gospel Trust Fund” are:

  1. To fund the printing and distribution of gospel tracts and bibles in the spiritually needy fields of Asia Pacific and beyond. (the region)
  2. To provide for travelling expenses in pioneering gospel work in the region.
  3. To assist in providing for the tertiary educational needs of full-time evangelists’ children in the region.
  4. To sponsor students in two-third world countries who are studying full-time and majoring in evangelism, missions, and leadership in a Master’s degree programme.
  5. To assist in disaster relief efforts in countries where REAP evangelists of MAP are serving.
  6. To assist in whatever meetings, activities, programmes, and projects that will serve the advance of the gospel.

How To Get a Copy?

Interested to purchase the book, or have a MAP evangelist minister and set up a book table in your church to promote readership and response towards a gospel movement?
Contact: MAP Office – Ooi Chin Aik or Low Jan Ni at 603-6276 7510 or
email us at: email

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