Issue 61, Jan-Apr 2020

Christmas 2019: HOPE For All

The MAP team of preaching evangelists: Ooi Chin Aik, Albert Tang and Lydia Ooi had the joy of preaching the gospel of hope and witnessing the joy of people receiving Christ in Malaysia during the Christmas season of 2019.

         We give thanks to churches and fellowships for invitations to preach the Advent good news. God’s Word will never return to Him empty, but will accomplish the purpose for which it was sent forth. (Is. 55.11)

Evangelist Ooi Chin Aik and Lydia Ooi (interpreter) preaching the good news at SIBKL Chinese Church. Praise God that at the Christmas Bilingual Chinese English Gospel Service of SIB KL Chinese Church on 1 December, 2019, 6 came forward to receive Christ. Pray for good follow-up on salvations and the many rededications.
Bilingual Christmas evangelistic dinner on 21 December, 2019 hosted by Nibong Tebal Gospel Hall, Penang. Pray for those who indicated a decision for Christ and rededications.
Bilingual Christmas evangelistic meeting at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Pengkalan, Ipoh on 24 December, 2019. Praise God for many young people who prayed to receive Christ.
Good turnout for Christmas gospel evening at Ikatan Kristian, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia, where Evangelist Ooi Chin Aik preached the good news. 7 indicated they prayed to receive Christ. Pray for the follow-up. Praise God.
Evangelist Albert Tang preaching the Christmas good news at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Bercham, Ipoh on 22 December, 2019.
Evangelist Ooi Chin Aik at the Praise CG Christmas gathering of SS Gospel Centre. Praise God a visitor heard the gospel and later prayed to receive Christ.
Evangelist Ooi Chin Aik preaching on Christmas morning 25 December, 2019 where a packed hall of folks at Melawati Gospel Centre, Kuala Lumpur, sang carols and heard the good news. Pray for those who made commitments.